Michael D. Fortner is a writer, journalist, historian, bible prophecy expert, and small Christian book publisher. He has lived in Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and California. 

He demonstrated a God-given ability to figure things out when he was about 7 or 8 years old while watching an episode of the Rifleman on TV at his cousin’s house. On the program, Chuck Conners was heating a knife in a fire next to a screaming pregnant woman. Mike’s first cousin’s wife asked Mike what Chuck was going to do with the knife. Mike thought for a few seconds and said, “He is going to take the knife, cut her stomach open and take the baby out.” His cousin’s wife was shocked. After that, his father and cousin gave him a test; they raised the hood of a 1953 Chevy and asked Mike if he could figure out where the noise was coming from. He looked around for a few seconds and said he could not, then suddenly he pointed to something mounted on the inside of a fender and said, “There it is!” He was right.

He sometimes refers to these skills as Sherlock Holmes skills.

His calling to research and understand Bible prophecy came at a very young age. He remembers when he was 8 or 9 years old, he was sitting on the side of his bed reading Rev. 6:1 about the white horse and wondering what it meant, when God spoke to him for the very first time. He said, “Would you like to interpret that?” He said, “Wow, yea, that would be great, but there is not enough information in the text to be able to figure it out.” It did not even occur to him that God had just spoken to him, and forgot all about it until about two years after he had begun researching and writing a book on Bible prophecy.

Michael D. Fortner received a powerful call to the ministry at age 20 but did not believe he had the speaking skills to be a typical preacher/pastor so he did not go into the ministry, but did begin an in-depth study of the Bible a few years later, and has spent thousands of days engaged biblical research. 

Since his original call to the ministry, God has also called him to write several books, including Discoveries in Bible Prophecy, and The Beast and False Prophet Revealed, and The FALL of BABYLON the Great AMERICA, The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of Darkness.

Look for Michael’s new book, SATAN’S FALSE PROPHETS EXPOSED, which should be out in June of 2017. You can learn about it soon, at www.usbibleprophecy.com.

In May of 2017, God revealed to him that when he refused the call to preach at age 20, that God had C-yVJ7pXsAAx8RLsentenced him to 40 years in the wilderness, or the backside of the desert. Life has been very hard; he has endured much intense fire, refining and purifying, molding and shaping, and learning hard lessons. Many people have tried to destroy him in any way possible, with slander, and even framed him in an attempt to send him to prison. But he is now on his way out of the wilderness, which will be completed in the Fall of 2017.


Read sample chapters of Michael’s books on Bible Prophecy, here: www.usbibleprophecy.com

Michael Fortner’s email address is okmedia at gmail.com.