Michael D. Fortner is an author, journalist, historian, Bible prophecy expert, and small Christian book publisher with a God-given ability to figure things out and think outside the box. At age 20 God called him to preach, but he refused, so God sent him into the wilderness (spiritually speaking) for 40 years where he endured fiery trials and tribulations, molding and shaping, and training.

He spent more than 30 years researching what became 4 books on Bible prophecy. He is a seeker of truth and does not follow the crowd. His 5th book, Satan’s False Prophets Exposed, is an expose’ of the Word of Faith, Toronto Blessing revivals, and Prophetic Movement, like none written before. He currently lives in Lawton, Oklahoma.

The next book is Editing God’s Words: Textual Criticism and Modern Bibles Analyzed, due out in January.

Read sample chapters of Michael’s prophecy books here: www.usbibleprophecy.com

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