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I recently traced one branch of my family tree back to Jamestown, VA, the first settlement in the New World, which was later to become the United States. It went back farther to two castles in England, Charlecote Park, and Cockermouth Castle in Cumberland, England. It went farther back to Luce, France where the family name of Lucy began. It ended there some time in the late 900s or early 1,000s. This was just one branch of the tree. 

Then I traced the first Lucy’s wife, and learned that he married into Viking nobility, the Dukes of Normandy. The Vikings invaded the coast of France in the 800s. The word Normandy means Norsemen, or northmen. They married local people and mostly accepted their language. So one of the Lucy men married a Viking woman living in Normandy who was descended from the Viking kings. So I was able to trace it back into Norway.

Since the sons and daughters of kings of nearby countries married each other, this arm of the tree continues back into Sweden to the Kings of Sweden. All the kings of Sweden were descended from the founder of Sweden, so I was able to trace that arm of the tree all the way back to Woden Odin, the founder of Sweden who was born near the Black Sea but migrated into Sweden with his people. He was born about 190 A.D. as far as I can tell. Most branches of my family tree go back to England, Scotland, or Ireland, and stop there.

So I was really surprised to be able to trace it back so far and be from English nobility, Viking / Gallic nobility and the kings of the Vikings and Sweds. One of my ancestors was William the Good who had a son and daughter.

My family goes through the daughter, but the son had a son who was William the Conqueror, who invaded and settled England. The Normans were Anglos, the British were Saxons; thus creating the Anglo Saxons. This explains why many of the Lucys were named William from then on. They knew they were cousins of William the Conqueror. They followed WC into England where they built the two castles and then came to the shores of the New World.

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