Brief Autobiography

Here is a brief Autobiography of Michael D. Fortner

You may ask why I have never married. The short answer is that God did not want me to get married, at least until now. God kept telling me to wait, but he never said how long or why. So when I was 26 or 27, and living in central Texas, I earnestly requested a wife. God asked, “Will a blonde do?” I said, “Sure.”

Then in a few weeks I got a bad head cold and blew my nose and my left ear stopped up completely. I went to the doc and he gave me some stuff to drain it, but only about half of my hearing returned. So he referred me to a doc in Austin, TX.

The young lady who checked my hearing was a tall beautiful blonde. When I was planning to ask her out on a date, God said, “You marry her and she will die of cancer.” WOW. It really blew me away. I did not know why that would have happened, perhaps we could not afford health insurance.

As time went on when I did want to ask someone out on a date I was always so broke I absolutely could not do so. Plus, that was in the back of my mind, that the blonde would have died of cancer. But still, I was not sure if it was only her or not.

It took me over 30 years to figure out why God did not want me to get married. One reason is that I would not have made a good husband or father back then, it would have ended in divorce. The reason being that my family argued a lot. I was the youngest and argued constantly with my sister. It was so bad that it became imprinted in my brain with arguing such that I could not talk normally at all, everything I said sounded harsh and angry. My mother pointed it out to me and I had to make an effort to talk normally, but it took many years. After all these years, I now talk normally most of the time, but I can still slip and say something that sounds like I am angry, but I am not.

Another reason God did not want me to marry, and why she would have died of cancer, is that I needed to spend many years barely employed or unemployed so I could do the necessary research that would eventually result in the books I have written. If I was married I would need to be employed.

And while I was writing the books I did not work outside the house at all because I was taking care of my elderly mother for 4.5 years before she died at age 90 in June 2015.

So after all of these years, plus people always say that marriage is hard work, I told God I did not want to get married, that I would be just fine single. But God said, “You’re getting a wife!” I said, “OK fine! But I am not dating a bunch of women to try and find the right one. If you want me to have a wife you will have to bring me together with one, and that’s final!”

So in the summer of 2016 my book sales dropped and I had to get a job and was very fortunate to get a job delivering blood to a testing lab in Mangum, OK. I figured that God had a wife for me up there but God did not bring me together with anyone, and then in late Feb. 2017 I had two dreams that indicated I would meet someone. In one dream I had a choice between a veterinarian and a psychologist. I said, “I’ll take the psychologist because she is so nice.

At first, I thought I would meet a nice psychologist, but that would make the dream literal. The vet and the psychologist are both doctors. So I believe it means I will meet a nice doctor. I came very close to doing so, but she likely heard a rumor about me and lost interest.

I stopped caring about money a long time ago. When you beg God to kill you, you no longer care about the things of this world, and that includes money. Money means nothing to me. It is only good for paying the bills.

The devil has been trying to destroy me for 25 years, and one of the ways is by a group of people who meet together for one reason, to plot how they can destroy me. I have been accused of every crime in the book and even framed, but God has always saved me from them, and when they cannot do that, they spread slander about me.

I have felt for a long time that the only way I will get a wife is if God tells someone to marry me.

I am currently still researching and writing books, as the medical lab where I delivered blood to shut down.

Dr. Terrie Gibson


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