God and the Carrot and the Stick

carrot-and-stick-donkeyIf you do not know about the carrot and the stick, I will begin by explaining it; it has been a long time since the horse and buggy days.

Back in those days, you would tie a carrot on the end of a stick by a string, then extend the stick out in front of the horse, so that it swings in front of him as he walks ahead, thinking that he is walking toward the carrot.

This is one way to get a horse to move that may not want to move. Then when the horse has taken you to your location, you give the horse the carrot.

However, if the horse still does not want to move, even with the carrot dangling in front of him, then his butt gets hit with the stick. You can see that it is far better to get the carrot than the stick.

God also uses a type of carrot and stick. When God tells you to do something, even though it may require time, effort, and sacrifice, when you do what God tells you to do, you get rewarded. You get blessed.

But if you don’t do what God tells you to do, you get the stick. You will suffer greatly.

One of the most important things I have learned in my 60 years of life is— if God tells you to do something, YOU BETTER FREAKING DO IT. Because if you don’t, you will wish the heck that you had, but it will be too late. You could suffer for many years for one act of disobedience.

This principle is even in the Bible, because God told the Isrealites that if they keep his Laws, then they will be blessed, but if they don’t then they get cursed. This is just like the carrot and the stick.

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