Love those “Experts”

I love it when I get corrected by “experts” on the internet, LOL. You know what I mean, when someone leaves a comment on one of my videos or on my website, telling me what’s what about the Antichrist or Babylon the Great.

So how do I know they are not really experts? Here is a little story to illustrate. I know quite a bit about cars, I took a year of auto mechanics in high school and a year of auto body repair. I have rebuilt carburetors, replaced water pumps, generators, brake shoes, brake pads, a radiator, and so much more. I even rebuilt a Chevy 350 with my brother’s help. So I know a little bit about cars.

But I am not really a mechanic, so when I run into some kind of trouble I call my brother. He did not graduate from high school and is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so it amazes me how much he knows. But he should know a lot because he was a professional mechanic for over 40 years. So I frequently seek out his advice, on matters of car repair.

Imagine if I tried to tell him what’s what about car repair! That is what it’s like when someone tries to correct me about Bible prophecy. I just sort of smile and say to myself, here is another “expert” who read a book, or even just the Bible, and thinks he knows more than I do.

I have been studying it for 35 years and have four books out on the subject, and even claim to be called of God to interpret Bible prophecy, but I still get “corrected” by “experts” who think the Pope is the Antichrist, or some other such nonsense and they do this without even reading my explanation of the passages.

They know so much they don’t even need to learn another point of view, they know it all already. I sometimes tell them, “So why don’t you write a book and tell the world.”

Oh, another internet “expert” just posted on my website. I better go read his great wisdom: “It’s obvious that Babylon the Great refers to Rome.” Never mind that the text says it is a mystery and requires wisdom to understand the meaning. And guess what, the Illuminati are about to control the world through the U.N., who knew? LOL

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