Send your Miracle Stories

I have decided to put together a collection of miracle stories in a book. There are two main reasons for the book: 1) To build up the faith of people who are going through a tough situation; 2) To provide evidence that God is real and actively working in the lives of his people today.

If you have a miracle story or you know of a close friend or relative who has had a miracle, click on this link for guidelines on writing up the story and sending it to me.


The miracle must have happened to you or a close friend or relative.

Include the name of the person and what city, state, nation.

Include as much detail as you can remember, approximate year or age of the person, season, even descriptive details.

Don’t be too wordy, get to the point.

All stories are subject to being edited for length, grammar, punctuation, etc. just the same as if you submitted a manuscript to Zondervan.

Send the stories to my email: okmedia at gmail. I will send out a notification when the book is published.


Michael Fortner

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