Nephilim will return

A prophetic lady on youtube said that the Nephilim were going to return soon. I asked God if that were true and he said yes. But Christians are not ready for it, and whatever happens will make most Christians look like fools.

Why? Because most Christians actually claim that alien being are nothing but demons! Yes, it is true, we are expected to believe the demons travel in space craft, abduct people, etc. NO THEY DO NOT.

Demons are spirits, they do not need or use physical modes of travel. They do not have demon-human offspring; they cannot be killed in a crash of their space craft, etc.

Christians making such claims is just another cause for thinking people to laugh and mock at those “stupid Christians.” And when they actually do appear in the open for all the world to see, those stupid Christians will call them Antichrist or Satan himself. God help us.

God created a BIG universe, not a small one with Earth at the center. OPEN your eyes people, start using your brains.


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