Some Thoughts and Insights

On this page I will give some of my insights:

1. First, we can easily fix social security by changing its name to reflect its original purpose, which is Elder Welfare. Yes, it was started to keep poor elderly people who could no longer work and did not have any savings, off the street or keep them from eating out of trash cans.

If we only give it to poor elderly today, it will totally save it and even reduce the amount that is taken out of our paychecks while we are working.

Suppose you are earning 20,000 a year with a retirement check, then the gov. will pay you 5,000 so that your minimum income is 25,000, per person. If you only get 15,000, the gov pays you 10,000.

This means that people who have a large corporate or other retirement income will not get any Social Security. It also means that those who are poor during their working life will still get 25,000 per year. As it is today, the working poor will get a very small Social Security check, while people who earn a lot of money and can put back a lot into savings, will get large Social Security checks, WHICH THEY DO NOT EVEN NEED!

I believe it is wrong to give S.S. to people who use the money to go to the casinos or to put gasoline in their RVs.



Also, all passenger seats on airplanes should be facing the rear! Yes, during a crash, all the force of impact each passenger has, is on the the pelvic region because of the seat belt. But if they were facing the rear, then they would be forced back into the seat, not thrown forward, and they would not sustain anywhere near the injury from the force of impact alone.


All horse-riding saddles should have seat belts built into them. This would prevent the horse from throwing off the rider, which causes many severe injuries every year, including broken necks, broken arms, etc.


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5 Responses to Some Thoughts and Insights

  1. Stephen says:

    I have just discovered your site from Future Revealed. Glad to have found you. What’s your take-if any-on the site called “Second Home Page for Nostradamus New Prophecy?” Seems a little off the top, but what do you think of some of their ideas? Latest one seems to involve unfortunate outcomes for Obama, latest Pope, and Nelson Mandela.

    • admin says:

      Yes, he is over the top. There is no way that prophecies predict Paris Jackson and all the other predictions he claims is found somewhere. I am not going to waste any more time on it.

  2. Ursula We. says:

    I am from Germany and have just downloaded the book “The Prosperity Gospel exposed”. I’ve never been connected to any of those religios movements. But I am an religious interested person. And this false gospel praying is worrying me. Thank you for your honest book. I was very moved.
    I will tell people about it.

    A reader from Germany…

  3. Doug W says:

    You may want to reexamine the following:
    10 plagues of Egypt
    Babylon the great fell on 9/11 (Isaiah 47:1)
    Revelation 22:18-19

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