Spiritual Journal

Here I will post some of my dreams, words from God, or other things:

More than once every day I pray for America, the president and God’s people everywhere. I pray that God will protect his people from natural disasters, murder, rape, robbery, theft, natural disasters, car wrecks, persecution, etc.

So many times I hear on the news that some disaster was not as bad as it could have been because only one bomb went off, or something else happened or did not happen. Prayer matters, and prayer changes things.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    In the late morning last weekend, early November 2017, I dreamed that the center part of my house was badly moving up and down, as if in a big earthquake.

    The part I saw was right next to entrance to the garage, where the washing machine is. I yelled out, “Stop the machine!” As if the quake was caused by the washing machine.

    After the dream I thought to myself, “How can a machine cause an earthquake?” Then I realized that it is an known fact that earthquakes in Oklahoma are caused by the oil industry. They have drill bits that spin around like a washing machine.

    So I expect a pretty big earthquake to hit Oklahoma in the not too distant future.

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