Michael D. Fortner is an author and historian. He has a B.A. in journalism with a minor in history. He has written seven full-size books and numerous articles. He has a God-given ability to think outside the box and figure things out.

I spend a lot of time researching and writing books which give new discoveries and insights into the Bible; especially Bible prophecy.

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Chapter 1: Angels, The Early Years
Chapter 2: Angels in The New Testament and Beyond
Chapter 3: The Angel of the Lord
Chapter 4: Historical Opinions About Angels
Chapter 5: Angels in Christian History
Chapter 6: Angels and War
Chapter 7: Angels of the Modern Era
Chapter 8: Angels that Heal or Comfort or Direct
Chapter 9: Angels in Dreams and Visions
Chapter 10: Angels at Death and After
Chapter 11: Near Death Experiences



Here are some of my best videos. I have a lot more that I took down and they will be reposted when I redo them:

Here is an interpretation I did of the recent dream of Chis Reed of the “rebirth” of America. I recommend watching his dream first, a link to which is in the description of my video: