A: My Own Guardian Angel Experience

I have my own story that must have included one or more angels, when God saved me and an elderly couple from having a bad accident on the highway.

I was twenty years old and driving a delivery truck loaded with fruit and vegetables. It was December or January, and when I started out that morning about 5:30, a light rain started. I did not realize that it was freezing on the roads.

Shortly after the sun was up, I left a restaurant at the south end of Marlow, Oklahoma and headed south on what was then a two-lane highway. Because my truck was heavy, it was getting traction on the rough asphalt. I had not yet gotten up to full highway speed when I topped a hill going about 40-45 miles per hour, and I saw that not far ahead of me was a car that was doing only about 20-25 miles per hour. I gently touched the brake and the truck immediately went into a slide.

It fish-tailed to the left and continued to turn until I was facing the opposite direction, north, and in the north-bound lane. But the momentum of the truck was still carrying it south, straight down the highway in the northbound lane — backwards. I then passed the car that had been ahead of me, while I was going backward. The driver of the car had a look of astonishment as he and I looked at each other as I passed.



The truck stayed in that lane while moving backwards for several seconds, long enough to pass the slow-moving car and several more car lengths. After I was far enough in front of the car, the truck suddenly shot across the road — going totally sideways — to the opposite side and went off the road, still facing north, and went into the entrance of a farmer’s field and came to a stop.


The car immediately passed me; its occupants still had amazed looks on their faces. If the truck had gone off the road at any other spot, it would have gone into a ditch and I could have been injured or killed. As it was, the truck and I were undamaged. The truck engine died as it came to a stop, so I started it, made a U-turn and continued slowly south. I will never forget the shocked and confused expression on the face of the elderly male driver.

When I arrived home after work, my mother asked me what happened, because she felt moved to pray for me that morning (she worked the evening shift). She knew I had been in danger. Though I did not see an angel, there is no doubt that there was one flying above my truck, moving it along like a child moves a toy truck.