Christians Should not Swear

It is very sad that there are many professing Christians that swear badly. They even go to church on Sunday and swear in the parking lot.

But Jesus and his apostles did NOT swear. How do I know? There is no statement that directly says not to cuss, but there is powerful circumstantial evidence.

After Christ was arrested, Peter was warming himself by a fire and someone said that Peter was with Jesus:

Then began he to curse and to swear, saying, I know not the man. And immediately the cock crew. (Matthew 26:74) (KJV)

Now, why did he curse and swear? I believe it was because Jesus and his disciples did NOT do so. Peter was trying to show that he was not one of Jesus’ disciples.

For a Christian to swear when those around know that the person claims to be a Christian, the person swearing is stating boldly, “I am a hypocrite.” It is a smear upon Christianity and lowers the view of all Christians in the eyes of those who see and hear the Christian swearing.

I realize that when a person gets really angry about something that swearing seems to be only appropriate response! I have swore at my computer and dumb-phone many times, but I am trying not to do that, as it could lead to more swearing, and I never do so in public.

Hearing LOTS of swearing on TV and in the movies can have a powerful influence upon people to being swearing, which why they put all that swearing into movies, it is intentional; especially all of the G-Ds in them. I will look up a movie online to see how much swearing is in it and if there are a bunch of G-Ds I will not watch it. Any movie that says “pervasive language throughout” I just skip. Many are now available with Vidangel, but usually not for many months or even years after it comes out.