What Could Happen in the Near Future

Oct. 10, 2023: I would not be surprised if the war in Israel expands to include Iran and the USA. People should NOT think that they can engage in any kind of civil war against an all-powerful crime syndicate which is ruling the USA and Europe. We should wait until God punches them in the gut, only then can the states declare that we will no longer recognize any authority from the De*pCriminals now in power. The election of 2024 will NOT give us the long expected victory, it will be God who punches the whole world with an ASTEROID impact. So MOVE away from all coastal regions.


July 22, 2023: The DeepState and WEF were not lying when they said another plague will come. They will bring it in late 2023 or in 2024. It will be worse than COVID-19. PREPARE NOW.


This post from Reuters says that North Korea claims that 800,000 people have signed up to fight against the USA. They are preparing for war. Things are going along just as I would expect. At the current rate of progress, I expect the invasion of the USA before the end of 2025. But I could be wrong. That is just a guess, not a prophecy. A few months ago I believed it was by the end of 2024, but things always take longer than I expect, so I pushed it up.








Dec. 25, 2022: I was taking a nap and had a one-second long dream: I was looking up at the ceiling, which is painted white, and there were spots of black tar seeping through. I interpret this to mean something bad is going to happen. UPDATE: Many chemical explosions and fires have taken place in 2023 thus far (3/18/23).

Dec. 24, 2022: I don’t give prophetic words, but I felt strongly that something bad was going to happen in Feb, 2022; and Russia invaded Uk. I now have a very bad feeling about all of 2023; especially about January. Perhaps it is nothing this time; only time will tell.

Update: In Jan. the USA agreed to send tanks to the Ukraine war; which is an escalation. Many other bad things are continuing to happen.


Here are some things that are going to happen, or might happen, in the next few years and what you need to do to prepare:

This  could be the most important film you will see from now until the end of your life:This is probably the most bibical world event that anyone could ever imagine; its WW3, its spiritual war of good against evil.” John O’Looney, UK Funeral Director, embalmer. Died Suddenly

  1. The Marxists/Democrats have already stolen an election, and are trying to take full control.
  2. Food and all other supplies will become in shorter and shorter supply.
  3. Troubles of all types will continue, in both political, economic, and all other areas.
  4. Plan for not having any electricity.
  5. Plan for Democrat states coming down upon Christians with a heavy hand.

The best things to do, if you can do so, is move away from large cities, especially move away from the east and west coast of the North and South America. Move away from Dem states.

You need to stock up on all supplies, build a cooker in the back yard, and buy some survival blankets that keep in 99.9% of your body heat. These blankets are very thin and store in a small plastic bag and cost only a few dollars. Also get a source of lighting so you can have some light at night.

The Rapture does not take place until after the start of WW3 (6th Trumpet), which is at least 5 months after the Beast of Revelation rises out of the Abyss (5th Trumpet).

  • The two witnesses are killed and the Rapture takes place.
  • Nuclear war hits the USA, China, Russia, and perhaps other nations; USA is invaded by Russia, China, and the ten-nation beast of Revelation.
  • WW3 rages, Israel is divided.

All of this information is given in more detail in all of my books on Bible prophecy, and much more.