A Deal with the Devil, or How to become a big name preacher overnight

This is a short story about a big name preacher which used to be un-named. He is so lacking in wisdom and understanding that he has actually stated on his national TV program how he became a big name minister.

The preacher said he was teaching at small gatherings in the banquet rooms of hotels and other places when a fellow came to him with a proposition. The 2nd fellow said he could put the preacher on TV and create large crowds for his teaching sessions.

This fellow was a professional promoter. All the preacher had to do is give him a percentage of the take. So the deal was made.

The promoter made slick TV commercials which advertised the preacher’s new TV program, and zoom, he was on his way and has been a big name preacher now for 40-50 years and rakes in piles of money because he teaches that people will get rich if they send him money. His name is Kenneth Copeland. He can be seen on TBN and GOD TV.

Jesus said that those who exalt themselves shall be humbled, and those who humble themselves shall be exalted. Since this preacher got to where he is today by making a deal with a professional promoter, and not by allowing God to promote him, this preacher will come crashing down with a thud. It will happen because Jesus said it will happen. It should be no surprise then that this preacher also teaches LOTS of FALSE doctrine. He is operating on faulty human reasoning rather than the Holy Spirit.

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