Bad Bible Codes

Here is great evidence that the Bible Codes are False. Here are some codes I got from the internet.

Angel Code 2003 — According to this code, an angel will appear in 2003 that will signal the start of the Great Tribulation. A FALSE CODE, like all the Bible Codes.

Enron — This code shows that the fall of Enron will cause a world depression and weakening of the government. Of course, we know this did not happen because it has been many years since the fall of Enron. ANOTHER FALSE CODE

Food Supply: 2002 — This code shows that in 2002 the world’s food supply will be contaminated causing great sickness and panic. ANOTHER FALSE CODE

Bio-Chemical — This code matrix shows that the Iraq war will be a biological and chemical war, and will include Israel. None of which has happened. ANOTHER FALSE CODE

Massive Plague — Watch out, this code shows that there will be a massive plague hit the US in 2004-2005 that will annihilation to the nation, and was intentionally caused. ANOTHER FALSE CODE

Nicaragua and China — This one says that Nicaragua and China will attack the U.S. from the south, but no year is given, so it could happen — today or in 3099! Get ready for this one if you live in Texas. Ha Ha.

North Korea — This one says that North Korea will crush and defeat the U.S. with nuclear weapons. How many times can we stand to be destroyed??? COME ON!

This one claims the Road Map to Peace was just fake and would result in the Abomination of Desolation, which of course did not happen.

This one says the Patriot Act will result in the eventual removal of the U.S. Constitution and U.N. control.

Oh My, the Bible Code must be true after all, here we are told to pray daily to the Virgin Mary.

Another proof that you should be worshipping Mary.

That is if you believe in the Bible Codes! This code says that the biggest bomb ever made that is not nuclear, the MOAB will be used in the Iraq war and will result in the start of World War III.

They sent a MOAB over their, but because the war was won so fast, it was NOT USED and was returned to the U.S. ANOTHER FALSE CODE

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