False Dreams and Visions

Having grown up a Pentecostal, I am definitely not against dreams or visions, but that does not mean I will believe every false prophet that comes along. NO! The Bible tells us to judge everything by the Word and God-given common sense. But that is not happening today as every dream and vision is accepted and believed by the Pentecostal / Charismatic community.

It is truly sad that Christians will knowingly proclaim false visions; perhaps they have a need for attention or want to provide reasons for people to believe a particular doctrine, but they are lies just the same.

One such person is Mary K. Baxter who wrote a book called “A Divine Revelation of Hell.” In this book, she also describes the Antichrist. Anyone with basic good sense should be able to see that it is a work of fiction, B-movie fiction at that.

There are many absurdities in this book, but I will only mention the most far-out. She states that the beast will have a machine installed into everyone’s homes that spied on them: The part of the machine that was located in the homes of the people was invisible to the naked eye, but it could and did report to the beast every move the people made…. (page 167)

Over 6 billion people on the planet and the beast is going to hire how many people (?) to watch how many people? Perhaps the movements of the people will be analyzed by a computer program that will give a printout to the beast, only a couple billion dwellings on Earth so he will need only a few hundred million people to install and watch the other people, LOL. As I watched, I saw another man in another office become very angry at the beast. He demanded to talk with him…. The beast took the angry man into a large room and motioned for him to lie down on a table…. The man was given an anesthesia and wheeled beneath a vast machine. The beast attached wires to the man’s head and turned on the machine. On the top of the machine were the words, “This mind eraser belongs to the beast, 666.” When the man was removed from the table, his eyes had a vacant stare, and his movements reminded one of a zombie in a movie. I saw a large blank (page 167) spot on the top of his head, and I knew his mind had been surgically altered so he could be controlled by the beast…. “You will obey my every command,” said the beast … You will work and not get angry or frustrated, nor will you cry or be sad. You will work for me until you die. I have many like you that I control. Some lie, some kill, some steal, some make war, some have children, some run machinery, and some do other things. Yes, I control everything.” An evil laugh came from him. (page 168)

Think about that one for a moment, the length of time it would take to create an army of zombies. How stupid would people have to be to not notice that there were millions of zombies working for this man. People may be stupid but they’re not that stupid. This is worse than a B movie tale, but it continues: The man was handed papers to sign. He gladly gave all his belongings to the beast. (page 168)

The beast has the money and power to see into everyone’s homes, has an army of zombie workers, yet the beast needs this guy’s personal possessions?! Not only must the beast be short of money but he needs the man’s signature in order to take his property?! The beast must not control as much as he claims! Ha! Ha! Ha! The man’s wife then went in for the same mind-altering operation; “she also became a depersonalized slave of the beast” (page 169). “You will be a breeder,” he said. “You will have perfect babies, and they will worship and serve me.”The woman replied in a robotic voice, “Yes, master, I will obey.” (page 170)

The author of this terrible tale has been watching way too much bad television. The worst part is that she felt the need to create such a horrible lie. But wait, there’s more: “The beast will arise to the acclamation of the world, for he will bring peace and prosperity such as none can remember. When he has gained world dominion, those without his mark in their foreheads or their hands will not be able to buy food, clothes, cars, houses or anything else that is bought. Neither (page 195) will they be able to sell anything they own to anyone else unless they have the mark…. (page 196)

Take notice of what she said in the above paragraph, the beast brings great global prosperity, and those that do not have the mark of the beast cannot buy or sell anything, now read this amazing sentence: “Those who possess the mark will be forced to turn over their possessions to the beast in exchange for a promise that the beast will meet all the needs of his followers. (page 196)

With all the wealth that this global leader must have, yet he requires those that have the mark to turn all their possessions over to him! WOW! What is the beast going to do with all that stuff, store it in a warehouse the size of Texas? Who is he going to sell the stuff to? Everyone that does not have the mark cannot buy or sell. Perhaps he is going to sell all that stuff on eBay to extraterrestrials to make some extra cash.

Duh, what’s up doc? I think the author of this book has already had a mind-altering operation!

The author of this book was a guest on TBN, the 700 Club, and other well known Christian programs talking about this false vision she had. Amazing!


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