God Created Pain and Uses Pain on Us

Official Protestant Christian theology says that all pain comes from the Devil, especially among the positive thinking preachers today, but that is false.

God created pain and uses it on all of his people. There are several examples in the Bible; perhaps the best is the story of Joseph. Preachers like to say that there was no other way to do it, so God had to cause so much suffering, but there were other ways. Here is how God could have accomplished the very same outcome, except for the pain:

Every year Jacob and his sons no doubt sold sheepskins and wool to the passing caravans, then Joseph says, “Why let them take out skins and wool to Egypt and sell it for twice the price when we do all the work of raising and shearing and killing and skinning? Give me 5 servants and I will take the fruit of our labor to Egypt myself and we will gain much more profit.”

So he would make a trip every year to Egypt where he got to know the merchants there. He runs into a few problems from time to time while there, but he is able to solve the issues and impress the Egyptians with his wisdom. He eventually is offered the beautiful daughter of regional govern for his wife, and gladly accepts, and moves to Egypt.

Because of his wisdom and being blessed in everything that he does, he eventually becomes governor of the region and becomes well-known to Pharaoh. He is also becoming well-known for his dream interpretation. A few years later the Pharaoh has his dreams and calls upon Joseph to interpret them. The king is so impressed he puts Joseph in charge of managing the economic affairs of the kingdom.

When the famine is severe some of the brothers come to Egypt to buy gain and Joseph offers them some fine land, so they accept and everyone moves to Egypt.

Jacob did not have to suffer the loss of his favorite son, Joseph did not have to suffer the fear and abuse of being sold into slavery and being in prison. But God chose to do it that way because pain is part of what makes us who we are, it helps to mold our character, it refines and purifies us as gold, etc. And perhaps the story of Joseph should be a lesson for us, that we should not expect a happy and great life, which is what is being preached in many churches today.

Theologians cannot handle that God causes pain, so some want to say that Joseph had a lot of pride and needed to be humbled, but that could take place many different ways, without making Jacob suffer even more than Joseph.

But what was the purpose of sending Joseph to Egypt, to save people from famine, true, but also to make the Hebrews into slaves. That was part of God’s plan. He made his own people into SLAVES for 400 YEARS! WOW. Let that sink in!

Also, it says in Exodus 4:11 that God actually makes people blind and deaf and mute:

The Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who made the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the Lord?

Opps, did your view of God being full of sugar and spice and everything nice just burst? False teachers will tell you that if you are where you should be with God nothing bad/evil/painful will ever happen to you. Not true.

But what about the New Testament, we are under grace, yada, yada, yada. Saul was a great persecutor of Christians. He imprisoned them, beat them, and his mistreatment likely led to some deaths. Jesus forced him against his will to become converted to Christianity, then pronounced a judgment upon him. Jesus, using other words, said, “You caused many people to suffer greatly for being a Christian, so I am going to cause YOU to suffer greatly for being a Christian.”

POW, I can hear heads exploding right now. POW


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