Why I have No Fear

It is normal even for a Christian to have some fear, but the reason I have no fear is because of my years of walking with God. He has saved me from much harm. Let me give you two examples.

When I was twenty years old I was driving a truck delivering fruits and vegetables to restaurants and convenience stores throughout Southwest Oklahoma. It had started to rain and I did not notice that it was turning to ice. I left a restaurant a little after daybreak and headed south out of a town called Marlow. Back then, the highway between Marlow and Duncan was just two lanes with no shoulder, and a ditch on each side of the road.

I pulled onto the highway and had accelerated up to 40-45 miles per hour when I topped a hill and saw a car that was going very slow, perhaps 20 mph. I just touched the brake and immediately started sliding. The rear of the truck slid to the left, thus turning the truck until I was facing the opposite direction. Yet I was still moving south on the highway and in the other lane. So I was now going south, backwards, and in the northbound lane. I continued moving south and passed the car, while going backwards. I will never forget the look on the faces of the elderly couple.

I continued traveling backwards until I was well clear of the car and then suddenly I swished across the road right into the entrance of a farmer’s field, and still facing north. The car slowly passed me and the couple still had the astonished look on their faces. I restarted the truck and made a U-turn and headed south again, this time much slower.

Some years later, I lived in Houston less than a year and spent most of that time looking for a job. I finally got one downtown working 3-11 shift. After almost three months on the job, I had to take the bus because my car had broken down. I have been threatened audibly by a demon twice in my life, and this was the first instance.

The demon said, “You go back down there, I will kill you.” It was referring to my job. Of course I rebuked it, so it could not attack me directly, but you cannot stop a demon from influencing other people to attack you, which is what it did.

The security guard at work was Hispanic, and asked me what I thought of palm readers and fortune tellers. Like a fool, I told him exactly what I thought of them. That was a mistake, because I believe his family must have been involved in it.

Shortly after that he gave me a drink and pastry, but I felt it was poisoned and threw it all away. A couple of days later he gave me more, which I also threw away.

Since that did not work, one night I got on the bus to go home and two Hispanic guys got on at the same stop and sat at the back of the bus. I sensed danger and prayed in my mind the entire trip.

As we neared my stop, I decided to walk to the front of the bus so as to put some distance between me and them. As soon as I made the first step the driver hit the brakes and I was propelled forward such that it appeared that I was running to the front.

I arrived just as the bus came to a stop and the door opened and I quickly stepped out. I then paused and turned to look inside the back of the bus. Sure enough, the two were standing up and preparing to walk to the exit. However, one or both saw me looking and must have decided that I was onto them and was planning to start running if they got off the bus, which I was, so they did not get off.

You may say that this was just my imagination, but a day or two later when I was about to leave work, the security guard said to me, “Be careful, its dangerous out there.” And God shortly told me to quit the job because I was still in danger.

I did not want to quit because it took me months to get that job and my car was now broke down and I would not be able to find a job before my money ran out. So when I went to work gas started building up inside my stomach until I was sick. I took everything a person can take and nothing would reduce the gas. My stomach was sticking out and hurting from the gas.

I leave work and there is no gas, I go back to work and I am sick with gas once again. So I got the message and asked God if I can at least stay until Friday, and he said ok, so I only gave them three days notice.

So God saved me from poison, and from being beaten up and possibly stabbed. Over the years God has saved me from a bad spider bite next to my right eye, from bad car wrecks, from being framed and sent to prison on false charges more than once, and many other things.

So you see, if I were to board plane I can be 100% certain that the plane will arrive safely; otherwise God would have stopped me from getting on the plane. And even more than that, I would not even decided to go without his approval. Therefore, one of the safest places to stand, is next to me.

Not only does God warn me of danger for myself, but for other people as well. I have an intercessory prayer gift, so God often has me praying for someone I do not even know, including before a terrorist attack or tornado, etc.

I realize that I am not your average Christian, because God called me to preach when I was 20-years old and still has things for me to do, but I believe that any Christian who has a close relationship with God can have the same protection. They just need to pray for protection frequently, pray for guidance, learn to hear from God, and follow God when he speaks. Do all of that and you can have protection and develop no fear as well.


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